Who is keith sweat dating

Lisa then said that she was blindsided by the news of Ed marrying and she heard it from none other than their son EJ.

She told, “It was disrespectful because we were best friends…You couldn’t tell me or trust me to say, ‘Hey, I’m about to get married’? And we’re co-parenting, so that’s a problem for me, dude.

Additional members of the group included Peter Da Costa (vocals), Joseph Mc Geachy (sax), Dwight Banks (trumpet), and Kenneth Varner (keyboards).Vintertainment was distributed by Elektra Records from 1985 until it ceased operations in 1990, at which point Elektra opted to buy Keith's contract outright and have him record directly for the label..Former “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star, Lisa Wu, recently revealed why she was just as shocked as everyone else when former “Cosby Show” kid, Keisha Knight-Pulliam a.k.a.interview on any public platform on my private issues with any ex.Lisa was initially in a happy married life with her husband and her kids, but then she got divorced with her husband. Fans who know about the personal life of Lisa might know for sure that she was once married to former American football linebacker, Edgerton Hartwell.

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