Who is charlotte gainsbourg dating

In addition, the EP contains two videos: one for the live version of "Just Like a Woman" and one for the title track, which you can watch below or over at

What’s it like to see her daughter Alice Attal grow up and start her own career? Serge was just about to do an album with Charlotte called , which I love and never came as a shock or a surprise or even a worry, knowing Serge's great love for Charlotte.

Here, she looks back, and explains how to stay young. It took New York and it took the Lincoln Center for this to happen.

Did you ever see yourself doing a retrospective with your daughter? I felt that she'd done so many marvelous films that to find ten of my own would be quite, quite difficult, but she just seemed to be so thrilled that we were asked to do it as a couple, and in a professional status as well.

Before that film, what were your daughters - Gainsbourg, photographer Kate Barry and singer/actress Lou Doillon - like growing up in your house? Charlotte was so beautiful as a what's it called, , a ladybird, and all her school friends came as flying ants and it was quite lovely. She was wonderful to make up, but the person who made her up and dressed her up all her life was her sister Kate. At the top of my parents’ staircase in London, at my mother’s house, Kate had a Polaroid camera, and she was taking Charlotte’s photo from a very young age.

I think it determined both Charlotte’s future and Kate's future, strangely.

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