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Tamarix is one of those plants you notice on holiday in gardens near the sea.That pretty pink, feathery-flowered tree looks good, you think. Bean's standard work on trees and shrubs describes tamarix as "natives of the Old World and often inhabiting maritime situations where the soil is permeated by saline substances". And if you live in Devon or Cornwall, it makes business or leisure trips to central London or even Paris easy. It's the most time-effective way from London to Cornwall, making short breaks possible in the sunny southwest without the need for a 6-hour drive or a domestic flight.Welcome to The Herald's breaking news service for Friday, August 11.

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"One might be theatrical, one might be simple pedagogy, one might even be in cartoon form." HOW2 will have a sound stage built in an integral feature, which will be used for recording lessons, which will later be available internationally via the web.

When the wine-red foliage of Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple' begins to fade in late autumn it forms a shot-silk mixture of shimmering orange-pinks, a grand sunset finale that gives a generous hint as to why cotinus is sometimes referred to as Venetian sumach.

The doge-purple sheen on the upper side of each leaf is softened by a green-washed underside. This hint of rich pink brings the foliage to life and 'Royal Purple', though dark and dramatic, is never sombre. coggygria is found on warm hillsides from Europe to China.

One splendid old specimen at the National Trust's Hidcote Garden is a soft haze of green in summer.

Cotinus comes from the Greek for wild olive, kotinus.

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