Protestant catholic dating

During the Reformation, the term was hardly used outside of the German politics.The word evangelical (German: Nowadays, this word is still preferred among some of the historical Protestant denominations in the Lutheran and Calvinist traditions in Europe, and those with strong ties to them (e.g. Above all the term is used by Protestant bodies in the German-speaking area, such as the EKD."[Signature] "Signed in the presence of Rev "Place Date ---------------------------------------------------- (See by John A. 9, Paulist Press, New York City.) Several significant facts are revealed by a sur­vey of the studies made on this subject of mixed marriages: 1.The Roman Catholic Church makes all the rules and gains all the advantages; the Protestant obeys all the rules and makes all the Concessions. The marriage is performed by a Roman Cath­olic priest only, and on his word of honor the Protestantpledge S that he will not seek marriage by either a civil magistrate or a minister of a Protestant church, not even the pastor of his own congregation. The Protestant promises on his word of honor that all children of either sex born to the marriage will be baptized and educated in the. In making these concessions to Romanism, the Protestant party to such marriage virtually declares that his own religion is false, worthless, and invalid, and that the Roman religion is the only one that is true and worth while.Ginger 11/30/2000However, it does take a lot of compromise.

Also note, the Catholic Church will want you to convert to Catholicism, as my mom did when she got married.

I am a 24yr old Baptist believing women, who has been dating a 26yr old Catholic man.

I am very strong in my religion but really believe that he is who I could marry some day.

I do not understand "being confirmed" along with many other beliefs he has.

We both really like each other, but love our religion.

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