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"He said he couldn't have another drink at the bar because he was really congested.

But if I came back to his place, he could use his nose spray and we could crack open a bottle of wine there! That's when he took off his pants." Or even the classic: "He introduced me to his wife, whom I had not realized existed." On top of that, we single city women are up against a numbers game.

What struck me in Feb 2009 was the faith and gentleness with which she approached the journey of finding the soulmate.

Her advice is reassuring and even though some of it may feel “out there”, especially since your desire is not manifested on the outer. After meeting my soulmate in early winter this year and getting married to him this summer, I now look back at all the affirmations I created during the course and the support I received especially when I hit a “dating desert” and was tempted to believe I didn’t have a soulmate.

I’ve had men stop their conversation in a restaurant to say hello to me as I walk past, more men are making eye contact, saying hello, etc.

I am not doing anything to make it happen, it just seems to keep happening. I have been coaching with Lisa since Feb 2012 and following her blog and her Yahoo Groups message board since Feb 2009.

In this presentation Lisa will guide the audience through the process of discovering God’s Will, followed by examples of how she failed to discern properly in her own dating mishaps.

A Medium is the person in the middle of this world & the"Other Side"."I can hear a different frequency (sort of like a dog! Spirits validate themselves in various ways, including their ailments, descriptions, a scenario & much more!Therapy explores your past, your childhood, your relationship with parents, traumas anything that may have interfered with a stage of your early development.Therapy is also a necessary option for people who are dysfunctional.For example your physical well being is impacted or when a sound,… As a single woman in New York, I can't go more than a few hours without hearing a dating horror story from a friend -- or living through a nightmare myself.

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