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While an investigation into this latest case takes place, Everett Brown, president of the Adventist Church’s Jamaican Union Conference, called for church workers and members to uphold high standards of conduct.In addition, he called for cooperation with authorities in bringing offenders to justice.On Tuesday – International Day of the Girl Child – EVE for Life hosted the #Girl Child JA Twitter chat to open up the topic for conversation and let people speak their mind. #Girl Child JA #Dayofthe Girl https://t.co/jrvaer ASk1 — Deika Morrison (@deikamorrison) October 12, 2016 The final question in particular generated a number of interesting responses: “What should Jamaica do to improve the lives of our girls? ” Responses included making sure girls are raised with sufficient self-worth; while others put pressure on the government to strengthen laws and enforcement of those laws.The support from both men and women was frankly overwhelming. Not only that, but people wanted to make sure our judicial system is properly equipped to handle cases of sexual assault. Some expressed protection and care towards women, recognising the importance of equality and female empowerment and that it comes at no cost to their rights.These are well advertised in local pornographic magazines and in official newspapers.Gay prostitutes can be found working in hotels as entertainment coordinators.The inspiration and motivation that comes at a time like this only lasts momentarily and must soon be backed by action.The chat is motivation for us to continue our work.

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This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries.

THE GLEANER – Almost the entire congregation at the Nazareth Moravian Church in northwest Manchester broke down in tears yesterday as worshippers wrestled with their emotions amid reports that their 64-year-old pastor remained in a St Elizabeth jail cell, accused of committing sex crimes against a 15-year-old girl.

“Today, the order of service is going to be a little different.

February 1, 2017: The latest in a string of sex offense charges against Adventists in Jamaica has hit the headlines.

This time a local elder, a volunteer spiritual leader under the pastor, stands accused of having sex with a girl under 16.

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