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She then says it can also mean just someone who is interested in Japan. She then goes on to say she is going to go into arguments as to people who don’t like weeaboos and why this is wrong (hint, its because she is one!

The first list she gives is that of a weeaboo-wanting to be Japanese, thinking Japan is better than anything else.It's exciting for Meredith, and it's some happiness, some light. Only I hope it just does not, I hope he's a really good guy, but do not want to carry this great responsibility with 3 children that Meredith has now times, I think before that Will is scared and goes to Meredith at bay when he learns she has three children. And I think that really what could develop serious between Meredith and Nathan. I hope we get to keep going to down that path." Ellen Pompeo Will looks anyway really cute, I think Meredith will try with him, so data him, but in the end it will then be Nathan for it will choose. ” anyway there is a lot of bullshittery in this video so I will try and break it down into the most notable stuff, you could dissect it further, if you have the patience and stomach for it. She begins the video by stating that she is going to be doing the opposite of what most people expect her to do by defending weeaboos.She says there are “many different definitions” for the term weeaboo- no there fucking isn’t.

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