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As each of the players wondered who would become victim to the red line, Bob and Jillian dropped in.contestant Sammy Fisher has revealed that she "loves" her new breasts.If you have some basic swimming ability, though, masters swimming is a great way to improve your skills and get yourself in the pool at least once a week. In tonight's workout, however, there were one-armed swimming drills, "Tarzan" drills (freestyle swimming with the head out of the water, really stretching arms out in front with each stroke, as if grabbing for vines), and kickboard sets with all of the different kicks.I am terrible at the dolphin kick, the kick used for the butterfly stroke, but even a bad dolphin kick works the abs like nobody's business.To their surprise, the contestants learned there would be a yellow and red line.The contestant with the lowest percentage of weight loss at the weigh-in would fall below the red line and be sent home immediately.

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The “Biggest Loser” contestants joined Alison outside, where they discovered a bit of bad news: they’d soon say goodbye to two players!

In my last masters group, there was actually one person who was just learning to swim, but I think it would be hard to learn that way, because there is usually one coach for 30 or so swimmers. My group charges a fee to pay for coaching and facility use in addition to the USMS dues.

Private or semi-private lessons would probably be better in that situation. When I swim on my own, I tend to just do a bunch of laps.

Moments after hearing the news about the red line, the contestants participated in a pop challenge.

Although the contestants knew the one-pound advantage didn’t guarantee they’d be safe from the red line, they felt they needed it now more now than ever before.

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